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Gain the benefits of using speech recognition software without the need to change your dictation progress. Windward Health has been an industry leader in speech recognition editing as a natural evolution in the talk-to-text transcription field.


Our lower-cost Medical Editing solution is easy to use. The doctor dictates, a draft transcript in created by speech recognition software and a Medical Editor proofs the draft while re-listening to the entire audio dictation file.



There are two types of speech recognition available to the medical dictator today: front-end where the dictator edits the report on a computer while dictating, and back-end where the dictator uses traditional telephone and/or handheld recorders to dictate and editing work is done by trained transcriptionists.


Front-end speech recognition using products like Dragon Naturally Speaking require physicians to make changes to their dictation habits, take the time to train the speech recognition software, and take the time to edit their own files as they dictate. Often this is met with resistance by doctors who believe they are being burdened with additional clerical work.


Back-end speech recognition requires no changes in physician behavior, relying instead on our automated training of the speech recognition software to their voice patterns, and the use of a Medical Editor to edit the document after the speech recognition software has produced a draft report.


Back-end speech recognition is much more widely accepted and successful in the healthcare industry. Back-end speech recognition allows medical clinics to recognize the greatest gains in efficiency because it integrates seamlessly into the traditional transcription and report distribution process.


Our Medical Editors will review 100% of the dictation file used to create the draft document. The end result is medical documents that are the same as medical documents created by traditional medical transcriptionist, including:


Reliability - All clients using our Medical Editing service are backed up by our nationwide network of medical transcriptionists so there are never interruptions due to speech recognition software not working.


Cost Savings – The productivity gains we experience through the use of speech recognition create labor cost savings that are passed through our clients. Contact us to find out more about how your physicians can ease into speech recognition and lower transcription costs without interrupting patient care. Typical cost savings for clients using Medical Editing support is 20-40% lower cost than traditional transcription.


Turn Around Time – Like our traditional transcription service, Speech Recognition Editing clients are actively supported 2, 4, 6,1 2, 24-hour TAT options including STAT file requests supported 24x7.



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