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Clinic Solutions

When it comes to medical transcription, our staff function as your staff.  We design a dictation process, transription team and document delivery to match the preferred work flow for each client.  Our talk-to-text transcription service is adapted to meet the unique clinical documentation needs for each speaker at your clinic.


All talk-to-text transcription programs start with the following core service:


·          Dictation  Toll free dictation lines available 24x7, never get a busy signal again.

·          Document Delivery – Secure access for downloading completed transcripts from any internet connected computer.

·          Dedicated Team - We assign primary transcriptions to each account so they have the opportunity to get to know the reporting patterns of each dictator. The primary team is backed up with 2 cross trained teams to insure flexibility for exceeding turnaround time and accuracy standards.

·          Turnaround Time – We start with a 24 hour turnaround time maximum. We have a lengthy track record for document delivery well before the turnaround time maximum.

·          Pricing – Pay only for work we do. All pricing is set on a per-line or virtual black character basis.

·          Easy to Start - All you need is a phone for dictation plus an Internet-connected computer and our talk-to-text transcription service will be supporting you within 2 business days. No dedicated computers or software installation is needed.



Customize your transcription program to use any/all of the following options:


·        Dictation – Digital Handhelds for physicians who enjoy the flexibility of being able to dictate on the go. If you prefer to dictate at a computer then a remote microphone for PC-dictation can be installed.

 ·        Document Delivery – Direct uploading to EMR integrated with an HL7 interface.  Auto-fax and auto-cc: distribution also available. 

 ·        Turnaround Time – We actively support clients with 2, 4, 6, 12, 24-hour TAT options including STAT file requested supported 24x7

 ·        Data Integration – Patient demographic information imported through an ADT feed for data integration within the transcribed documents.

 ·        Physician e-signature – Whether from home or in the office physicians can review, edit and electronically sign their dictated reports. Once they sign off on a report it will route to clerical staff automatically for distribution.




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