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Medical Transcription Approach
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Medical Transcription Approach

Windward Health specializes in the labor side of medical transcription and medical editing.  Our business was designed from the very beginning around the advantages of using the internet and advancing technology to efficiently distribute dictation/transcription work.  This also allows us to utilize the latest in technology, whether we work on your platform or integrate our preferred platform into your data systems.


Our Digital Workplace allows us to hire the best staff for each account wherever they may live. With staff spreading from Florida to Washington (and many point in between) we are able to match our staff patterns with your dictation patterns and not worry about the occasional ice storm or hurricane keeping your team from their work.


Why Off-site Medical Transcription Works

In today's challenging economy, businesses of all types must be cost-conscious. Off-site transcription from Windward Health can easily be more cost effective than using in-house transcription as well as enhancing the consistent posting of clinical documents. Here's why:


  • Our Digital Workplace is designed with flexibility at its core.  As your census fluctuates, or you have several doctors engaged in significant catch-up dictating sessions, we are able to pull in additional staff for extra help. 
  • We are able to recruit experienced transcriptionist from any region of the country, not just within your local market.
  • A larger pool of transcriptionists helps us cope with the occasional cold/flu outbreak.  If core team members are out sick, or on vacation, we have cross-trained staff to help insure all turnaround times are consistently exceeded.

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